For Better Health is not only the purpose behind our business, it is at the heart of what we do, how we engage with community and the way we express our corporate responsibility. That’s why we have, over the last five years, invested more than $13.8 million into community programs and health research through the Medibank community Fund (MCF) and the Medibank Health Research Fund.

Firmly focused on preventative health, the MCF has championed the individual and encouraged people to feel empowered to take small steps to safeguard their own health and wellbeing for the future.


Over recent years we have evolved from being a health ‘insurer’ who pays bills to health ‘assurer’ who talks about healthcare and is attuned to the changing life stages and wellness factors of our 3.9 million members.

As a health assurer we help our members stay healthier for longer and improve access to care when they need it.

This approach has influenced the direction of our community engagement and we intend to ‘up our stake’ in community issues, and national concerns starting with our children.

Building on the MCF’s work to date, we will concentrate our efforts on building a healthier future for the next generation by increasing awareness and take-up of preventative health practices that will place our children in good stead for healthy adulthood.

Our 3000 strong workforce remain a key ingredient in our approach. They bring high expectations of the organisation they have chosen to be part of. Their ability to access health and wellness initiatives and be part of the way we give back to community through our volunteering and giving programs, are important ingredients in the direction we have chosen.

I look forward to the next stage in our community journey.

George Savvides
CEO & Managing Director,

Our community investment

At Medibank, we think Better Health is not simply something that involves a visit to the doctor.

It is about all the small steps we take every day to look after ourselves mentally, physically and emotionally each and every day and well into the future.

We believe our role in the community is an important one and through our investment in social programs we can help generate long-lasting health and wellbeing outcomes.

From FY11/12, Medibank has committed one per cent of its pre-tax profit annually to the Medibank Community Fund (MCF) for community investments. Over the last three years, through partnerships and grants to a range of community-focused organisations right across the health sector, we have invested in education, physical activity, mental health and Indigenous health and wellbeing.

We further enriched our commitment by extending our investment to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health through a Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) and in health research through the Medibank Health Research Fund.

We are proud of the strides we have made in the last five years, helping to improve access and engagement of hundreds of thousands of people with programs that can significantly improve their physical, mental and dietary health and working to end the cycle of disadvantage in certain sectors.

Having worked with a number of our founding partnerships for more than five years, it is timely to reflect on the ways we can ensure we maintain the momentum of our investment and strengthen its impact.

We want to grow a healthier nation. In looking at issues of sedentary living and unhealthy eating, we are determining the best ways we can help combat the growth of this problem in childhood

From FY15-16 we intend to move towards a more singular community focus by investing in the future health of the next generation.

Obesity is a societal problem that no single entity, government or health organisation can solve. It is directly tied to the growth of adult chronic illnesses such as heart disease and type 2 diabetes and has serious implications for healthcare in this country.

Our aim is to work with our community partners to help stem the growth of childhood obesity. We will consider the role of education and public engagement while we harness efforts across Medibank as we work towards encouraging Better Health outcomes in the future.


Our Corporate Social Responsibility strategy guides us as we make the decisions about how best to invest in the community, the environment and our workforce.

Consistent with this whole-of-business perspective, our governance structure has been realigned and the oversight responsibilities of former MCF Management Committee have been transferred to the Medibank Executive Committee. The MCF continues to report to the Medibank Board annually.

It is an exciting point in time for Medibank as we look towards concentrating our community investment and continuing to make a strong contribution to the health and wellbeing of our members and all Australians.




Rita Marigliani

Head of Medibank Corporate Social Responsibility

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