Encouraging Australians to be more physically active has been a key focus for Medibank and our community partners, including Heart Foundation Walking and Active in Parks.

Our partnerships with Heart Foundation Walking and the Active in Parks program are two of the ways we are supporting a more active community
Heart Foundation

In FY14-15, Heart Foundation Walking with support from Medibank welcomed 5,217 new walkers and walk organisers to their program bringing the total number of participants to 22,061.

This increase was further supported by the launch of a new online platform to improve the process of connecting potential walkers with walk organisers.

The benefits of walking are well known. We believe our investment in Heart Foundation Walking has encouraged people to become more active and understand the link between exercise and heart health as well as recognise the benefits of coming together for a healthy community activity.

Getting Active in Parks

In FY14/15 more than 500 people participated in Active in Parks activities.
The development and launch of the new Active in Parks’ What’s On Outdoors database at the IUCN Parks Congress in November 2014 was a significant milestone for the program.

The new resource provides a quick and easy access to information portal for people seeking an outdoor activity in their region.

In line with Medibank’s vision for the initiative, expansion of the program beyond its pilot location in Victoria into new markets in New South Wales (in partnership with National Parks and Wildlife Services) and the Northern Territory through a local community organisation (Starwin Social Enterprise) was also achieved.

Our Partners